World Autism Awareness Day

P1090010croppedToday, we have decided to NOT talk about our favorite subject – ie caramel. Instead we decided to focus our attention on a cause dear to our hearts: Autism.

April is autism awareness month, with April 2nd being Autism Awareness Day. We have been involved in the community for the past 5 years: Le Caramel supports The Autism Tree Project Foundation , a non-profit based in San Diego, CA, that helps families impacted with autism.

Le Caramel carries a special autism awareness product: our autism sea salt caramels. This special edition bag of 4oz of our best-selling flavor (sea salt) caramels sports a puzzle print bow and a label created exclusively for us by Joel Anderson, a local artist.

Every bag sold helps fund the screening for developmental delays for a preschool age child. Early intervention is crucial when it comes to autism, so early detection is key.

Donate locally, pledge to wear blue on April 2nd, buy an autism mom a cup of coffee … Every gesture helps and is appreciated!

Thank you for reading and helping us spread autism awareness!


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