Halloween is coming… Pumpkin is back !

Halloween is coming… pumpkin is back in all forms : it’s the fall, one of our favorite time of year.

October is a very special month for us, it’s the official caramel month. We are really happy and proud to share it with you. We do our best to offer the most delicious caramels you have ever tasted, keep testing new flavors and doing research to develop our products. Our goal is only to make you satisfied and help you to discover great caramel.

It’s finally Pumpkin season ! We just had to get in the trend : that is why we have crafted for you the Pumpkin Spice Caramel candies and cream. Come and taste them today !

And what about mixing different product ? I am pretty sure that you already tried our caramel cream on your sliced apples. But did you try it on a warmed-up banana ?

At Le Caramel there’s no tricks, only a lot of treats ! You are all welcome in our factory boutique,  to get all the sweets you want for you and your family ! Because it is your Halloween too and we really hope that you will enjoy it !




1725 Gillespie Way · El Cajon | Monday to Friday · 9am – 4pm


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