The beginning of a great adventure

A month ago, our business took a all new direction with the opening of a bigger factory boutique in 1181 Pioneer Way, El Cajon, CA, 92020. The facility is located on the intersection between Vernon and Pioneer way and has it’s own parking lot. Easier access, better visibility and bigger facility, everything works out perfectly!

For anyone who wonders if we also changed our products, the answer is hell no! We hang on religiously to our traditional french caramel recipes to offer you the same candies, creams , and so much more!

And because everyone knows caramel needs to be spread on something, we started making Belgian waffles! And let me tell you something, as someone who works here everyday, the smell of those homemade waffles is like a taste of heaven, but restraining myself from eating them all feels like hell… So hurry up, because they won’t be here much longer!

Also, for those who couldn’t attend our Grand Opening on May 26-27, I’ve got a good news for you! We’re having a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, June 6th at 10:00 AM and guess what? You’re all invited! We’ll have a factory visit, free coffee and these delicious waffles i was talking about…

Here’s the Facebook event link: RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY

Hope to see you soon at our brand new factory boutique,

Caramellement vôtre. 

Déborah, caramel taster for quality control purposes (mostly)


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